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A message from Mayor Harry LaRosiliere

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Why We Care...

Our mission is to help single mothers out of the tight spots with no strings attached. Sometimes mothers just need someone to talk to or help with finding resources for her family.

The numbers tell the story of single mothers in the United States. According to Families and Living Arrangements: 2006, there were 12.9 million one-parent families in 2006 — 10.4 million single-mother families (81%) and 2.5 million single-father families (19%). About 84% of single parents are mothers. Women earn on average 77 cents to the white male dollar, African American women earn just 66 cents to the male dollar, and Latino women earn just 54 cents. Women with children earn 10 to15 percent less than women without children. 37% of single mothers and their families live in poverty, and the number rises to 44% for African American women.

There is another story that the numbers can’t tell. It is the story of constant stress, struggle and living on the edge of financial disaster while trying to raise healthy and productive children. For many of these women life is a constant juggling act - juggling bills, time and attention. Can any of us truly imagine the terror of living in constant fear of being homeless, letting our children down, or having the bottom fall out of our lives with no one to help us? This is a daily reality for thousands of women. Gift For Moms Project wants to be the unconditional safety net that helps empower women to build stronger families.

Events   We have many events throughout the year for single mothers and their children.

Signature Event: Gifts For Moms Christmas Party. Click here to view the calendar.Merry Christmas Ball

  • GFM Fit Camps
  • Workshops
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  • Mother Daughter Tea
  • Family Photo Session



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